Various methods of advertising Possibilities

Published: 05th March 2010
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Various methods of advertising Possibilities

To increase the sales of a product, advertising may remain one of the important ways similar to that of sales promotion and publicity. Advertising is used to promote the product and create a good brand image of product so that it would be the base for the customer loyalty. Without the targeted and effective advertising, business cannot be successful. A business man can utilize his efforts in increasing the sales by different types of advertising.

The different types of advertising that are commonly used in businesses are:

Radio and Television:

Introduction of the television has revolutionized the ways of advertising; businesses achieved tremendous success by using this advertising medium. This because the number of consumers watching TV has been increased rapidly these years. The cost of advertising on TV depends upon the time of the day when the product is advertised, also on popularity of the TV show when the commercial is played and depends on the length of advertisement. This is the best way to promote the product and the target audience will be the millions of people who watch the TV. So this advertising can reach the people in good amount. Coming to the radio advertising, it is the traditional format of advertising which uses the jingles and voices. Though it is effective, it cannot be compared to that of TV.


This type of advertising media consists of newspaper, fliers, magazines and brochures etc. This print media which includes advertisements in newspaper and magazines is an old method of the advertising. Newspaper sells the space for advertising in their paper. The price of the advertising depends upon the size, location, graphics and the color. Number of subscribers would tell you about the success of the advertising. But this print advertising helps the business people in targeting a specific demographic. Brochures and filers are also another great way of conveying your business info to the customers.

Internet advertising.

The latest type of adverting is online advertising which consists of banner ads, small ads, text ad, pay-per-click ads, video ads and reciprocal linking of the other websites. Effectiveness of this online advertising completely depends upon on the exposure and number of people who views these advertisements. This online advertising helps advertiser to track number of impressions that ad gets and how many times the customers are visiting their business website which makes them simple in order to find out the conversion rates that the advertisers are getting on that advertisement. Many businesses use their own website as the advertising tool to increase the sales. A well promoted and well designed website can obviously provide a distinct way to reach the customers who are targeted by the advertisers.

Out of the Home advertising

Billboards, signage, tradeshows, kiosks etc. all are a part of out of the home advertisement. There is another new style of the advertising which is grown popular now, that is digital signage. This digital signage consists of the monitors or the plasma TV's placed in the strategic locations which displays the advertisement that are directed towards the targeted customers. This digital signage is the one which delivers the messages in the digital video forms and in form of text. The advertisers have ability in order to update the content from remote location. This digital signage's are placed in locations like retail stores, departments schools, malls and sports arenas etc.

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